Examples of advertisements I created

I had the opportunity to create some ad copy while working as a consultant at a radio station.

These are included here only as examples of my work. They are not intended as actual advertisements.

I wrote the copy for this ad for a local restaurant. I also did the male voice-over. My intent was to humorously inform listeners of the proper way to pronounce the name of the restaurant while sharing how delicious the food is.

I Pronounce it Delicious

I had the opportunity to manage an event for the station I was working for. It involved bringing back a beloved annual event that had stopped running several years earlier when the company sponsoring it sold the business. This made the event very special to people in the area, especially since there had been a serious gas explosion that significantly affected several communities around Andover, where the event took place. 

Over 2000 people attended this event in response to this ad. 

Note: This version is a draft and so does not include the call to action announcer VO at the and. 

Tree Lighting

This company provided alternate power generators for when the electricity failed. It's very scary thinking you might have to leave your house if it's cold and you have no heat, and I used that as part of the advertisement. The key ingredient in what they are selling is right there in the title.

True Peace of Mind