Customers connect when they perceive that what you offer is the solution they've been seeking. By using a blend of data-driven analytics combined with a creative and artistic outlook I will help you to achieve that connection. 

Are you developing a new marketing or content strategy or looking to improve the results of your existing strategy? Do you need to update your user interface to improve the customer experience? Or perhaps you simply need an outside eye to give you a fresh perspective.  I can assess what you need and deliver results that drive sales.    

Branding and Positioning:

  • Work with leadership team to develop a strategic vision for your company, product or service
  • Conduct market research to determine your audience
  • Develop new branding or create a new story for your existing brand
  • Create customer profiles and user personas
  • Design and implement surveys
  • Research others in your space and create a competitive matrix
  • Deliver comprehensive assessments of existing products or those about to launch

Content Creation and Public Relations:

  • Generate Direct Response copy
  • Create web content, press releases, testimonials and user cases
  • Storyboard and script product videos
  • Craft a digital strategy: editorial calendar, newsletters, and social media content
  • Source, plan and coordinate event appearances
  • Conduct media outreach
  • Create and submit panel pitches, solicit panel opportunities and moderate panels

Operations and Documentation:

  • Multi-channel management and sourcing
  • Product descriptions
  • Product documentation

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